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Interested in adopting one of my kittens? Please carefully fill out the kitten adoption application as it is important for us to match the perfect forever family, so everybody reaches their happy ending. Many fields are required, so please fill completely. Incomplete or false information may result in an application denial. Please take your time and be thorough as this is my chance to get to know you and your family and if I can entrust you with one of my treasured babies! 

I do not under any circumstance sell breeding rights to any of my kittens or cats!!

All kittens come home between 13-16 weeks old and include spay/neuter, microchipping, health certificate, 1 year congenital guarantee, EIGHT YEAR HCM guarantee, negative fecal, first two FVRCP vaccines, FeLV/FIV negative, registration papers to  TICA upon request, one free month Trupanion health insurance, and a life time of breeder support. 

My adoption fees are as follows:

All hairless kittens regardless of trait are $2100

It does NOT cost more to raise a Bambino or one with blue or odd eyes!! 

You want to question any breeder who does charge more.

Delivery Options:

I NEVER ship my kittens cargo! It is much too stressful for everyone involved plus I care way too much about the well-being of my kittens to ever do so. 

I offer personal hand delivery to the nearest airport. I personally bring your kitten on board with me and they fly under the seat in front of me. This way they have a familiar face and voice the entire time and also someone who knows how to calm a kitty if needed which rarely occurs with kittens. The cost for this is whatever my cost is for the flight and pet fee. I try to combine flights and deliveries whenever possible as well to keep the cost to a minimum. This service usually runs around $350-450 give or take.

If you would like to fly to me, I can either meet you at the airport or you are always welcome to come visit my cattery as well. I also would be more than happy to pick you up as well. 

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